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About WHIH

The Warsaw Health Innovation Hub (WHIH) is a joint project of the Medical Research Agency and leading companies from the sector of medicine, pharmacy and biotechnology.

The aim of WHIH is to create innovative medical, technological and legal solutions to improve patients' health and increase the efficiency of the Polish health care 
system, in the following strategic areas:

  • pharmaceutical innovation, including medical technology
  • innovation in medical devices
  • health IT solutions.

The WHIH is a unique platform in Central Europe for cooperation between business, public and scientific entities to strengthen Poland's role as a place for creating 
medical and biotechnological innovations and to increase the resilience and stability of the post-pandemic health care system. This is the first step towards the creation of the Polish Medical Valley based on the strong academic base that Poland has.

WHIH as a place for exchange of experience, flow of ideas and establishing and shaping proper relations between business, public and scientific entities cooperating with each other within the biomedical sector, will serve to recommend and evaluate emerging innovative solutions, taking into account the health security of recipients and improving the quality and efficiency of the Polish health care system.

The unique concept of the WHIH will create conditions allowing for rapid transformation of ideas into products, processes and services, taking into account the development interests of the Polish biomedical sector and the need for Poland to be independent in terms of innovative medicines and medical products and solutions created for the needs of the healthcare system and patient well-being.

The key element of the WHIH concept are projects implemented and financed by WHIH Partners aimed at creating medical and technological innovations serving the development of the Polish biomedical sector and pragmatic use of innovations for the purpose of raising the standards of provided health services.


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