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VitalAire, Biomed Lublin and Servier the new one WHIH Partners

On 6 March 2022, at the Medical Research Agency headquarters, the signing of the Warsaw Health Innovation Hub Pro-Agreements took place, under which three more companies joined the initiative.

VitalAire, part of the AirLiquide group, which provides integrated and comprehensive home care services for patients with chronic respiratory failure and patients with other long-term conditions, joined the Warsaw Health Innovation Hub. The agreement was signed by Luca Valsasina, managing director of VitalAire and Katarzyna Wojciechowska, member of the VitalAire board, and Radosław Sierpiński, MD, president of ABM.

- One of our overriding goals is to improve the quality of life of patients treated at home and to increase access to treatment for those who require ongoing support. We believe that the projects we will implement as part of the WHIH initiative will allow us to improve current treatment pathways by targeting patient needs and using modern technologies. We want to build a healthcare system that is effective and valuable for all, but this requires the commitment of both providers and policy makers. We hope that a platform like WHIH will not only support real solutions for patient treatment, but also support dialogue and mutual cooperation between private entities and institutions managing public health - said Luca Valsasina.

A new partner of the Warsaw Health Innovation Hub will also be a biotechnology company Biomed Lublin, specialising in the production of biotechnology drugs obtained as a result of microbiological processes and human plasma processing.  On behalf of Biomed Lublin the agreement was signed by Maksymilian Świniarskie, President of the Management Board of Biomed Lublin.

- We wish to establish cooperation with, among others, medical universities as well as clinics from all over Poland. We would like to make our Research and Development Centre available for development of BCG-based products in order to improve their application in other therapeutic areas. Providing products for clinical trials in new indications is a natural direction and goal for Biomed Lublin. Thanks to the cooperation within WHIH, we will be able to develop the company's potential and competitiveness in Poland and worldwide. This will certainly improve patients' lives and, we hope, in a natural way further areas of development of Polish innovation - assessed Maksymilian Świniarski.

The third company with which the cooperation agreement has been concluded, is the international pharmaceutical group Servier, which is a manufacturer and supplier of specialist medicines to support Polish patients in the fight against cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, depression and oncological diseases.   From the Group's side, the ceremony was attended by Joanna Drewla, General Director of Servier Polska and Urszula Olędzka, Director of Servier International Clinical Research Centre in Warsaw. 

- From the beginning, our mission has been a commitment to therapeutic progress, and our ambition is to better meet patients' needs in order to contribute to improving their health and quality of life. Thanks to a unique management structure and a strategy of continuous investment of resources in research and development, we have the opportunity to constantly look for solutions to support the fight against modern civilisation diseases, especially those with high unmet patient needs and a great need for the development of new therapies," emphasised Joanna Drewla. - Recent years and the global crisis in the area of health only strengthened our conviction about the purposefulness of such an approach and the paramount position of health challenges, in which consistent building of partnership cooperation between various entities is an expression of reliable care for the longest and best quality of life of our citizens. Openness to research collaboration with university partners, other pharmaceutical groups or biotechnology companies to accelerate the development of therapeutic innovations is in the DNA of our company and the Servier Group, which is why our presence in the Warsaw Health Innovation Hub is so natural," she added.

- Currently, Servier's International Clinical Research Center in Warsaw is conducting seven Phase I to III clinical trials in five countries, seeking therapies where there is unmet medical need - primarily in oncology, hemato-oncology and cardiology. We cooperate with hundreds of Polish centres, from Primary Care to specialised research centres, Medical Universities and Research Institutes, because we believe that cooperation, exchange of knowledge and experience translates into patient benefit," said Urszula Olędzka.

- By signing agreements with three companies we strengthen the Warsaw Health Innovation Hub in several dimensions. Firstly, in terms of numbers, because the Hub already associates 23 companies, which means that an increasing part of the market is represented here. Secondly, each of the new partners of the Warsaw Health Innovation Hub specialises in a different area of healthcare. This strengthens the interdisciplinary dimension of our initiative. Aiming to achieve the goals that are set for the Hub requires, first of all, knowledge, experience and ideas. I am convinced that new companies joining the WHIH bring such values - emphasized Radosław Sierpiński, MD.

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