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US-Poland Science and Technology Symposium at Stanford University

On June 14-17, 2022, the US-Poland Science and Technology symposium was held at the Stanford University in Palo Alto, attended by the Director of the Department of Innovation and Biotechnology Development, PhD, Karolina M. Nowak. The symposium was organized as part of the "Poland Days in Silicon Valley 2022" event.

The aim of the symposium organized by the US-Polish Trade Council is to build Polish-American cooperation in the field of science and technology through exchange of knowledge and networking. The theme of this year's edition was "AI - An Accelerator Towards a more resilient world". Director Nowak was a speaker on the expert panel entitled "AI in Healthcare, Medicine and Pharmacy", where she presented the main points of the newly adopted „Governmental Plan For The Development of the Biomedical Sector 2022-2031” and the latest activities of the Medical Research Agency for the development of artificial intelligence in health care. She also presented the latest activities of the Warsaw Health Innovation Hub implemented by the Department of Innovation and Biotechnology Development of the Medical Research Agency.

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